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The number of Android smartphone users and technological developments with various kinds and types of smartphones that created the company's leading companies that make it easy for us to use as a tool or facility daily and now has become a necessity to facilitate information information online using a smartphone from start watching television online Streaming ball and the information is constantly updated.

In addition to the information that can and see, we also provide such as talk shows, other entertainment and even duniapun events can be viewed through online tv is very helpful about the serve it on tv online Streaming Football, of course we have to prepare by using a device that can access internet network.

Excess watching online can also be felt as it is on the way for example, In Cars, Buses, Caffe, Mall and many other places elsewhere, so there is no limit to access or watch tv online to watch or missed with various events the show that aired, which could be an option for smartphone users with the facility tersebeut.