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World Cup schedule 2018 Russia

World Cup 2018

World Cup 2018 Russia falls on 14 June up to 15 July, Russia hosts a chance to undergo an opening match against Saudi Arabia in Luzhniki stadium one of the representatives of Asia, while the other teams in 8 groups will duel until the end of the group phase until entering the top 16 take 2 teams from each group that passes, following the group phase match schedule.

No less great russia has prepared 12 stadium seeds that will become the battle of every team of the country team and following the name of the stadium to be in use, luzhniki stadium, saint petersburg stadium, fisht stadium, ekaterinburg arena, kazan arena, nizhny novgorod stadium, rostov arena, samara arena, mordovia arena, volgograd stadium, spartak stadium, kaliningrad stadium, that is the stadium that will be the debut of two teams from 32 countries that qualify.

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