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EURO Qualification | Friday, 15 November 2019
12:00 AM Turkey Iceland
2:45 AM Albania Andorra
2:45 AM Czech Republic Kosovo
2:45 AM England Montenegro
2:45 AM France Moldova
2:45 AM Portugal Lithuania
2:45 AM Serbia Luxemburg
World Cup Qualification Asia | Thursday, 14 November 2019
FT Myanmar Tajikistan 4 - 3
FT Maldives Philippines 1 - 2
FT Turkmenistan North Korea 3 - 1
FT Kyrgyzstan Japan 0 - 2
FT Hongkong Bahrain 0 - 0
FT Uzbekistan Saudi Arabia 2 - 3
FT Malaysia Thailand 2 - 1
FT Lebanon South Korea 0 - 0
FT Vietnam UEA 1 - 0
FT Afganistan India 1 - 1
FT Iraq Iran 2 - 1
FT Syria China 2 - 1
FT Jordan Australia 0 - 1
FT Kuwait Chinese Taipei 9 - 0
" All Time in West Indonesia Time "
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